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Andrew Durham

Photography by Andrew Durham
Originally published in Issue No. 2

Taking long vacations during the summer is probably one of my favorite things in life. When I was a kid, the summer holiday from school always seemed to define each year for me. It was the summer of… This was the time you could go on an adventure, fall in love, get lost, reinvent yourself. After summer, September always felt more like the New Year to me, never January.

The older we get and the more summers we have, the years seem to blend together, so I keep a photo diary of every summer. Snapshots with my faithful Contax 35mm camera. Pictures of nothing in particular, just little moments during those few months when time seems to move a little slower. The two swimsuits that I live in for three weeks, waiting to dry. Those tiny strawberries that are only in season during the summer. The perfect local’s beach I stumble upon. An afternoon shower. The book I’ve been reading all summer at a pace of four pages per day.

— Andrew Durham, Santa Monica Canyon, California

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