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Danny Sangra’s Italian Film Picks

Portrait and illustration courtesy of Danny Sangra

We asked Danny Sangra to create a film list for us, similar to the list or diary he has been creating every month in his customized yellow leather Smythson book since January 2016 (never missing a month).  This time with a twist – ONLY Italian films.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins – Sangra is an artist, writer, director, creative powerhouse and part of our family.

This isn’t a list of his favorite or the greatest Italian films, just the ones he watched that month for us.

Add to your list and enjoy!

When BACCALÀ asked me to make a list of Italian films, I felt like I needed a theme but figured only watching Italian films is enough of a theme. My initial thought was to make a top ten of my personal favourites but that top 10 would mostly look like every other top ten Italian films on the planet. Besides that, my film diary has never been  a review of good and bad (and the ugly).

And so I began simple. I rewatched some of my favourite Italian films and then restricted myself for the rest of the month. Only watching Italian made movies. 

I’d forgotten how perfect Umberto D is. I rewatched Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion yet again (one of my all time favourite films Italian or otherwise). From here I found a couple of films I’d not seen before, I’m Not Scared and 100 Steps.

I didn’t watch any Felini films, I felt like this way you know it’s not a list of the best Italian movies if it doesn’t have a Fellini film on it.

— Danny Sangra, May 2021

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