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The Story Behind

Photography by Francesca Moscino
Words by Francesca Moscino
Styling by Caterina Ceciliani

“I never thought an object could say so much”. This story is about how to take your time and space and to be able to choose what you really need, what we want to surround ourselves with and what makes us feel well. The object forms an integral and active part of our space.”

“When you choose an object to tell a personal fragment of your story, you are making a preliminary selection. In that choice you have to synthesize, decide which details to give prominence to and what to emphasize. The object must be kept and develops a unique identity, it’s not one of many but becomes chosen by us, for its quality, for its use, for its origin and beauty.

Time has accustomed us to having everything without having to choose, but it’s here, between the walls where we lived that we rediscover the value of things”.

“The game of Chess is an object linked to my childhood, to the games that I played with my grandfather. Its value is symbolic and emotional, it takes me back to a carefree time. When we choose an object to tell the story of our live, evoke a memory or describe an element in our character, it is about our relationship with the object rather than the object itself.”

“The research for the brands was made by selecting Made in Italy realities, with particularattention to craftsmanship, in some cases to the production of unique pieces or with a philosophy of limited production”.

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