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BACCALÀ is an independently published fashion, art, design & photography magazine from Milan-based fashion photographer Alessandro Casagrande and Los Angeles-based art magazine (Arkitip) founder Scott A. Sant’Angelo. Never has there been a publication that speaks to creative individuals, across a diversity of cultures, in such a compelling way.

BACCALÀ uniquely melds fashion with art & design from both its European and North American perspectives. BACCALÀ is serious but not elitist about style. Fashion themes look reverentially at the past to synthesize with the present; transforming stylistic eras to present day.

BACCALÀ is fresh, brave and pushes boundaries. We select the best and brightest to work with and employ a laissez-faire leadership in all the creative areas of the magazine (photography, design, writing, and fashion storytelling). BACCALÀ is different than other fashion magazines in its approach to fashion editorial. We consult with brands while pulling looks, merging the idea of the fashion story with the label’s brand story. We agree with the aphorism a “rising tide lifts all boats” so we enjoy promoting brands we really like.

Listen to BACCALÀ founders Alessandro Casagrande and Scott A. Sant’Angelo on this episode of ‘The Stack’ online at Monocle 24 Radio.