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Maurizio Tentella

Interview by Alessandro Casagrande

Alessandro Casagrande (AC) – We are Italians and of course food is a major part of life, so tell me how and when you realized that food was to became your passion and work?

Maurizio Tentella (MT) – I realized that this was my passion at the age of 3, maybe 4 years old when on Sunday I was eating lasagna and roasted chicken at my grandmother’s house. Then twenty years later it grew from just a passion became a real thing, a job. Everything started from Instagram, then a new world has opened and there are still a lot of space and opportunities to develop my project.

AC – Viewing your social media I can see that you give very precise attention to the food you are sharing with your followers – you are attracted to what is real. “FUCK GALATEO” is in your bio on Spacedelicius’s Instagram page and I think is a perfect explanation of your concept and thought process. Tell us why it is important to keep the traditions alive?

MT – My attention, or we can say my ethical code in respect of food is precisely to go and look for those places that are filled with history and the products that it looks like have always been there. Let’s say that in food I am not attracted by evolution: to make a joke “No To The Gastronomic Progress “. I like discovering authentic places as they are telling you the story through history and promoting them is just an ode, a sign of respect.

AC – As a follow up to my last question, if you had to make a list of three Italian dishes, which ones are your favorites?

MT –  I could write a book ; )

– Tortellini alla panna.
– Pizza diavola con salame piccante.
– Cotoletta alla Bolognese. (parmigiano e prosciutto)

AC – Food has the power to bring all people together, there is no question of this. Tell us something about the events that Spacedelicious curate and what are the differences between you and what others might be doing?

MT – The Spacedelicious food selection is always looking for authentic products to propose and narrate their stories. During the events and catering projects you can find “Porchetta from Abruzzo’s hills”, “Mortadella” made in the center of Bologna and passing through the “Maritozzi Panna e Nutella” and let us never forget the “Arrosticini”. In Italy we have incredible products behind every corner and I seek to propose them in an environment where you don’t expect it; for this “FUCK GALATEO” is an extended message that means: do what you feel, freely and leave the formalities to the others!

AC – Irony and communication is very key to what you share, the people that are following can see the unique locations, where to eat and at the same time smile with what your publishing. I think this is a very smart approach – things are unique and interesting – what brought you to create this format and method of communicating?

MT – I think the key today is to take yourself less seriously.

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