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Stephanie Skyes

Interview by Alessandro Casagrande
Photography courtesy of Stephanie Skyes
Special thanks to Michael Titze

Born in Germany and raised on techno, a travel-laden upbringing combined with a natural penchant for experimental and diverse soundscapes have paved the foundations for Stephanie Sykes to develop a highly unique musical voice, one unrestricted by boundaries and defined by deviation.

Alessandro Casagrande (AC) – In which city are you in quarantine?
Stephanie Skyes (SS) – Berlin

AC – How are you keeping yourself busy during this world lockdown?
SS – I’m writing music, preparing live streams and also I’ve taken up running.

AC – Every job has been affected by the pandemic: How do you think the music industry will look afterward?
SS – The music industry has been hit the worst and I just hope we can recover – I am very optimistic!

AC – First thing you will do after the end of the lockdown.
SS – Party!

We asked Stephani to created a playlist exclusive for BACCALÀ which you can find here.