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Tom Peters

Introduction by Alessandro Casagrande
Portrait by Ralf Kobernuss
Photography courtesy of Tom Peters

* Originally published in Issue No. 5 / FW2020

DJ Tom Peters describes his sound as a, “juxtaposition between dreamy melodies and sharp, angular textures.” Together, these elements create a musical journey that is as rare as it is irreplaceable.

Dropping his first track “Take Your Chance” in 2013 on the revered German label Kompakt was the culmination of seven years of DJ works in Berlin. This release launched Peter’s melodic techno sound into the limelight. Since then, his distinct approach to underground music has catapulted his career forward playing gigs worldwide and signing tracks to Berlin based label, Get Physical and Studio Kreuzberg.

We asked Tom to created a playlist exclusive for BACCALÀ which you can find here.