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Impossible Garden

Based between Brooklyn and Beirut, Lauren Daccache is an artist whose output explores the conflicting human desire to both escape from and belong to a place. Photography, her primary medium, speaks to the idea of memory preservation and confabulation through the impact of nostalgia and time on our perception of the past.

Marria Pratts

Marria Pratts’ paintings sing like thunderstorms — in raging, obsessive gestures and electrifying cracks of pink and yellow, her canvases all possess a kind of mysterious alchemy and hellish beauty born from a maelstrom of emotions and memories in Barcelona. They are variously menacing, endearing, or emotive, or perplexingly, all three at once, and break with the masculinist traditions of Surrealism and Expressionism.

Francesco João

Francesco João’s practice indulges in the ambivalence of the pictorial method, stressing the duality between the immediacy, and the over-complexity of the medium. Immersed in a constantly-changing, hyper-evolving loop of reconfiguration, the medium of painting enduringly affirms its substance both through historical legitimation and through the confrontation against fast-disseminated images adhering to the sphere of the digital.

Andrew Durham

Taking long vacations during the summer is probably one of my favorite things in life. When I was a kid, the summer holiday from school always seemed to define each year for me. It was the summer of… This was the time you could go on an adventure, fall in love, get lost, reinvent yourself. After summer, September always felt more like the New Year to me, never January.

Brian Lotti

As a child I was very interested in drawing and coloring things, and later on, I attended a Catholic high school in Las Vegas where the kids were pretty mean. I spent a lot of time in the art classroom, stealing away during lunch breaks. Ceramics and painting were my escape from the craziness of that school and I was able to deal with some heavy emotions there in that room. Art became a means for transforming awful feelings into a kind of peace and happiness.

Ben Venom

Ben Venom is a self-taught quilter with a die-hard DIY attitude. One scroll through his Instagram feed, you’ll see that he’s like a talented local tattoo artist armed with a sewing machine who loves classic heavy metal acts like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Metallica.

We connected with the San Francisco-based artist to find out more about his (P.M.A.) positive mental attitude, his passionate, prolific and painstaking pattern work and being an awesome dad to his baby girl, Beatrice Rose.

Fernando Mastrangelo

Known for his natural forms that reference sand dunes, melting icebergs and mountainous landscapes, Fernando Mastrangelo creates works “for the city dwellers who want to escape.” His pieces a well-balanced combination of form, content and material often trigger a primal sense of belonging, or tranquility in their viewer.

Scott VanderVoort

Scott VanderVoort is a New York-based artist whose work broadly explores themes of impermanence, beauty, and the ambiguous divide between art and the mundane. VanderVoort works in both two and three dimensions, with paint, sculpture, and installation, and through his art engages viewers in an often playful dialogue about the process by which objects, images, and spaces acquire meaning.

Tom Atton Moore

In a lane and alternate world of his own, textile artist Tom Atton Moore creates woolen rugs that serve, not as pieces of craft or design, but as tangible prompts meant to evoke an emotional response.

‘Built In’

Through 7 November, Richard Neutra’s VDL House is hosting ‘Built In’, a collection of new and site-specific works, curated by artist and writer Erik Benjamins in tandem with art and design gallery Marta.

Umberto Bellardi Ricci

Manhattan gallery Matter recently unveiled DAWN, the first solo exhibition of Italian sculptor and architect Umberto Bellardi Ricci. On view through July 30, the show features a collection of experiential lighting and furniture designs, informed by the designer’s accomplished architecture practice and his academic training in social sciences.

Sean Spellman

Meet multimedia artist Sean Spellman, his partner My Larsdotter, and their 2-year-old daughter Sunny in their effortlessly cool surf meets Scandinavian designed Airbnb situated on their property in Westerly, RI. Interview by Maggie Stankaitis for BACCALÀ.

Danny Sangra’s Italian Film Picks

We asked Danny Sangra to create a film list for us, similar to the list or diary he has been creating every month in his customized yellow leather Smythson book since January 2016 (never missing a month). This time with a twist – ONLY Italian films. Enjoy!

Barry McGee

Meeting Barry McGee is the exact opposite of experiencing his art exhibitions. In person, he’s quiet, attentive and acutely focused on the conversation. He notices small details and often compliments you on the simplest things. His humble nature and youthful charm make you wonder how someone so effortlessly relaxed can make such visually jarring art.
Unlike his easy-going demeanor, his exhibitions engulf their settings with a myriad of objects. One doesn’t see a McGee show so much as experience it.

Mary Little

Mary Little explores the interaction between light, surface and gravity. Her works take the form of rhythmic, undulating hollows and rises, suggesting images of landscape or bodyscape. Sensibilities are rooted in a childhood among lush rolling farmlands of Ireland and its wild rugged coastlines. The work is ritualistic in its process: cutting, then sewing cotton canvas; much as a tailor would make a suit. The completed works are an interplay between precision planning, her emotions and the unpredictability of the canvas.

Leah Ring

A skilled interior designer with nearly a decade of experience, Leah Ring is inspired by the belief that a well-designed space can have a deep impact on the human experience. Leah begins each project with the notion that every space has a story to tell and she is excited to help clients discover that story and bring it to life.

Jojo Corvaia

Jojo Corvaia is a Berlin-based visual artist born in Venezuela with studies in architecture, and development in other disciplines such graphic design, photography, multimedia work and ceramics.

Francesco Igory Deiana

Born and raised in Milan, at the age of 21 Francesco Igory Deiana moved to California to pursue his own gold rush, made of surf and art. Over the past ten years, the self-taught visual artist – whose career started in part by shadowing the famed Mission School art movement in San Francisco – made a name for himself on the contemporary art scene.


Mambo was born in Chile in 1969, from a French father and a Hungarian mother. He grew up in Latin America and started his artist career in Paris. He lives now and works in Los Angeles, California.