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Coil + Drift

After over a decade spent traveling the world as a professional modern dancer, working with the likes of Bob Wilson, Twyla Tharp and Lucinda Childs, John Sorensen-Jolink turned to furniture design. In 2016 he introduced Coil + Drift’s first collection of instant classic lighting, furniture and home accessories and gained immediate acclaim, making a name for himself in the design world.

Ben Venom

Ben Venom is a self-taught quilter with a die-hard DIY attitude. One scroll through his Instagram feed, you’ll see that he’s like a talented local tattoo artist armed with a sewing machine who loves classic heavy metal acts like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Metallica.

We connected with the San Francisco-based artist to find out more about his (P.M.A.) positive mental attitude, his passionate, prolific and painstaking pattern work and being an awesome dad to his baby girl, Beatrice Rose.

Fernando Mastrangelo

Known for his natural forms that reference sand dunes, melting icebergs and mountainous landscapes, Fernando Mastrangelo creates works “for the city dwellers who want to escape.” His pieces a well-balanced combination of form, content and material often trigger a primal sense of belonging, or tranquility in their viewer.

Scott VanderVoort

Scott VanderVoort is a New York-based artist whose work broadly explores themes of impermanence, beauty, and the ambiguous divide between art and the mundane. VanderVoort works in both two and three dimensions, with paint, sculpture, and installation, and through his art engages viewers in an often playful dialogue about the process by which objects, images, and spaces acquire meaning.


After graduating in 2017 with a Master’s Degree in Contextual Design from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Netherlands, Italian artist and designer Francesco Pace founded Tellurico, a multidisciplinary studio specialized in objects, spaces and installations.

The name tellurico – “of the earth” in Italian – directly relates to the love that Pace has for his native hometown, Pozzuoli. Historically, geologically and socially-speaking, the small village located outside of Naples and perched atop a dormant volcano, naturally presented itself as a fertile ground for Pace’s artistic exploration.

Tom Atton Moore

In a lane and alternate world of his own, textile artist Tom Atton Moore creates woolen rugs that serve, not as pieces of craft or design, but as tangible prompts meant to evoke an emotional response.

General Assembly

Since its founding in 2011, Brooklyn-based design studio General Assembly has honed a practice of warm inhabitability — magnifying the finer details of dwellings with an eye toward human scale. Having cut her teeth at international firms like Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, architect Sarah Zames founded General Assembly as an avenue for these intimate gestures —employing a palette of largely natural materials to create custom, considered extensions of their clients’ sacred spaces.

Akosua Afriyie-Kumi

A A K S produces raffia bags handmade by a women’s cooperative in Northern Ghana. The brand produces luxurious handmade accessories using ethical processes inspired by old-age craft traditions, which are not often seen beyond the borders of Ghana. However Ghanaian fashion designer Akosua Afriyie-Kumi wants the world to see how luxury and quality can grow from traditional designs and is using A A K S bags to change perceptions of Africa through fashion.

Justin R. Saunders

Since its inception, JJJJound has grown in the last decade into a collaborative design studio that aims to inspire through multiple channels; through the fabrication of items with purpose and longevity, through the design and construction of meaningful physical environments, and through the continued curation of its digital platform. Located in Montreal, Canada, the design studio is operated by founder Justin R. Saunders.

Apparatus Studio

Apparatus is a Manhattan based design studio whose reputation is on the rise for very good reason. We find their work to be superb, majestic, and decadently resplendent. We were lucky enough to interview 36 year old Co-Founder and Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar about his offering, ACT III.

‘Built In’

Through 7 November, Richard Neutra’s VDL House is hosting ‘Built In’, a collection of new and site-specific works, curated by artist and writer Erik Benjamins in tandem with art and design gallery Marta.

Umberto Bellardi Ricci

Manhattan gallery Matter recently unveiled DAWN, the first solo exhibition of Italian sculptor and architect Umberto Bellardi Ricci. On view through July 30, the show features a collection of experiential lighting and furniture designs, informed by the designer’s accomplished architecture practice and his academic training in social sciences.

Sarianne Plaisant

Sarianne Plaisant is an accomplished prop stylist who works magic in product shoots, advertising, and magazine editorial. Born just outside of London (Surrey), raised by Finnish and French parents in a small Midlands (UK) town, she values her upbringing in the idyllic English countryside. Like most who grew up outside a major metro area, her surroundings pushed her to work hard so that she could travel, using any restlessness she had to steer her ambition.

Danny Sangra’s Italian Film Picks

We asked Danny Sangra to create a film list for us, similar to the list or diary he has been creating every month in his customized yellow leather Smythson book since January 2016 (never missing a month). This time with a twist – ONLY Italian films. Enjoy!

Garance Vallée

Growing up in an artistic family in Paris – her father is acclaimed street-artist Kriki and her mother is an art history academic – Garance has cultivated from a very young age an insatiable thirst for knowledge and experimentation. It is not surprising that her artistic practice knows no boundaries between mediums and aesthetic references: she artfully mixes Memphis with Ancient Rome, brutalist structures with primitive architecture.

Ramdane Touhami

As an entrepreneur and art director, Ramdane Touhami has collaborated with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and Liberty, and masterminded the rebirth of the venerable Cire Trudon company, for which he notably created new and now-famous interior “smells”. Today, he heads Officine Universelle Buly and is orchestrating its renewal, designing new counters and stores in Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Honk Kong and New York and coming up with new products and uses with a retro-futuristic flair.

Lambert & Fils

Canadian lighting studio Lambert & Fils celebrates its 10th anniversary with the opening of Hudson & Duane, a very first brick-and-mortar in New York City.


When Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia met at the Academy of Arts of Tbilisi, little did they know they would soon be making history as icons of Georgia’s contemporary design landscape. With Rooms — the interior and product design studio they co-founded — the duo has put their country on the map of global design.

Mary Little

Mary Little explores the interaction between light, surface and gravity. Her works take the form of rhythmic, undulating hollows and rises, suggesting images of landscape or bodyscape. Sensibilities are rooted in a childhood among lush rolling farmlands of Ireland and its wild rugged coastlines. The work is ritualistic in its process: cutting, then sewing cotton canvas; much as a tailor would make a suit. The completed works are an interplay between precision planning, her emotions and the unpredictability of the canvas.

Leah Ring

A skilled interior designer with nearly a decade of experience, Leah Ring is inspired by the belief that a well-designed space can have a deep impact on the human experience. Leah begins each project with the notion that every space has a story to tell and she is excited to help clients discover that story and bring it to life.

Yvés Behar

Good design has the power to change the world; that’s the single compelling idea that guides Yves Béhar everyday. Over his illustrious longstanding career, the Swiss industrial designer has focused his talent and vision on creating human-centric design, integrating popular innovations with sustainability and social good.

Jojo Corvaia

Jojo Corvaia is a Berlin-based visual artist born in Venezuela with studies in architecture, and development in other disciplines such graphic design, photography, multimedia work and ceramics.

Judy Kameon

Judy Kameon is a daughter of the California sunshine who has designed gardens for numerous fashion houses, hotels, commercial spaces and select private residences. Firmly rooted in the hierarchy of the Southern California design and aesthetic, her landscapes are lauded for bringing the comforts of indoors to the outside.