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Nick Curtola

In the summer of 2015, LCD Soundsystem’s frontman James Murphy opened up The Four Horsemen – a sleek, intimate natural wine bar in the heart of Williamsburg, where he resides. Helming the kitchen is San Francisco native Chef Nick Curtola, who started off at Camino in Oakland, did a year of regional cooking in Piedmont, Italy, and came to New York to work Franny’s, Glady’s and Roman’s before taking the executive chef role at Murphy’s joint. We asked him to prepare a Baccalà dish for us.

Casa Masi

Casa Masi was born almost “for fun”, from a dream in the drawer of our father, who used to love good food. We had this house in the countryside, where our grandmother was born at the beginning of the last century; it was shabby and certainly not suitable for hosting a restaurant, but our parents obviously saw something… It was 1991, it took 5 years to get permits for renovation. But despite everything, here we are. There is a proverb that says “There is no Lent without Baccalà” and in fact, in a period when meat is banned, there is no better food to set the table.

Chef Ciccio Sultano

To understand Italian chef, Ciccio Sultano, you must first understand his earliest influence, Sicily – the ancient, Italian island of his birth. If Italy is a country passionate about its history, produce and cuisine, then Sicily is hailed, as the locals will tell you, as a ‘continent’ with its own history.

25hours Hotel Florence

Inserted between the magnificent and renewed Piazza Santa Maria Novella, vis à vis with the new wing of the Museo del Novecento, the complex of the Hospital of San Giovanni di Dio and the splendor of the Lungarni, 25hours Piazza San Paolino occupies an entire city block between the elegant street of antique dealers – Via de ‘Fossi – and the popular Via Palazzuolo.

Chef Floriano Pellegrino

Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì are proprietors of an ambitious contemporary restaurant in Lecce, Puglia; in the heart of the heel of Italy’s “boot” region. Earning its first Michelin star in November 2018, Bros’ is authentically Pugliese. Floriano shares his Baccalà, Bergamotto, Olive, Pane Recipe with us.

Pasticceria Costa

In the heart of Palermo, you can discover a wonderland of temptations. Welcome to Pasticceria Costa. Antonio Costa’s journey to the top of the pastry world started 60 years ago, staying loyal to the authentic Sicilian confectionary tradition.


In Milano, precisely in Porta Romana area, there is Dabass. An old stationery shop now restaurant and bar, with a romantic and intimate soul. The bistrot, which has forty seats, features a retro style with contemporary details, such as the beautiful and essential design lamps, the open kitchen and the beautiful black and white tiles counter, that attracts the most when entering in the restaurant.

Matthew Salinas

We sat down with Matthew at Spring Place in Beverly Hills to see how he meets and solves his marketing challenges with the inimitable Italian beer brand, Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Cantina Indigeno

Alessandro, our Editor in Chief, spent a day with Nicola Reginaldi in one of the vineyards and then in their cellar, tasting the grapes before harvest and testing the wines still in the barrel.

Maurizio Tentella

Maurizio Tentella aka TNT founder of Spacedelicious is a gourmet actor, food blogger and a true spirit that works without being harnessed. Italian born from Marche region now based in Milan where he started to work in fashion before he turned his love and passion for food into a career.